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Due to the added responsibilities of an online museum I regretfully must bring this blog to a a better fit.

Writing these posts has been awesome just tiring when one is tired.  So, I am moving this blog into an abbreviated format.  Meaning – three postings a week with occasional surprise posts.  🙂

Everyone wins with this arrangement.  I can get more work on the online museum done and you get all the posts that are fit for me to post.  🙂

  • Mondays – Best Practices or Monday Madness
  • Only one of the following each week – Tombstone Chronicles, Wednesday Side Trips or Thursday Cemeteries
  • Friday News
  • With occasional, holiday notes and even a few extra stories for Halloween.  🙂

It has been great fun writing everyday though.  Thank you fans for reading faithfully.  I just want to be able to uphold my end of the museum.

Okay this weekend a new gallery was posted at  – Enjoy!


This historic hotel built during a time of luxury and great architectural genius was happening.

With its old time charm and its beaches – who would know its a very pretty place to visit.    The Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California is one of the most haunted and yet richly inspiring places.

The website has a great page on its history as well as a virtual visit section.

Why is it on the Side Trip?  Because of the story of Kate the lady who haunts at the Del.  Her story is on the history page.  I can not tell it better than they did.

Next week – a little place I’d call Super Fun and its a Cemetery.