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Tombstone with Snow or ?

Somewhere in the midst of Brown County Indiana in the middle of the woods stands a medium small pioneer cemetery.

The image with this post is one taken by a guy I’ll call Doug.  He works on a place near this little cemetery and is actually the person that introduced me to it.  Only four photos have come my way so far – they give a very picturesque view of a woodside cemetery.

We’re still locating the name of it and just who maintains it appears to be the county.  However, we need to celebrate this fascinating place as the dates go back to the 1820’s.  Just after the state of Indiana achieved statehood.


Dateline: Tuesday Jan 11, 2011 – Posted on Friday Jan 14, 2011

The Mystery of the Missing Corpse is a tale that is told in many cemeteries even to this day.  Often referred to as a tale of grave robbing, resurreactionists, medical school student capers, devil worshipers and others.

One aspect of the most heard tales are those of the resurrectionists.  These were people that haunted the cemeteries during the early evening, watching funerals.  After cemetery hours they would literally steal the remains of the person or persons buried that day.

Why is this morbid subject so important to this blog and to the Tombstone Biographer?

Came across a few newspaper reports about a few cemeteries of research interests that actually had been hit heavily if not completely body drained by a few resurrectionists.  In other words, the poor cemeteries were victims of the body snatchers and very few of the bodies remain in them.  Why is this important to know?  Because wouldn’t you like to know that little factoid?

Just for the record – Most medical schools today accept body donations from people who want to help further science.  Those that wish to donate ones body to science after ones death should contact the program of choice.  The day of the resurrectionists are over pretty much in the United States.

One old case in Scotland that really drives home the issues of a body snatchers is that of William Burke & William Hare, ‘The Resurrectionists’ from Scottish History Online

Just wanted to alert all of you a possible story or two that maybe overhead in a cemetery near you.

(missed Halloween)

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