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A Word of Caution

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Monday Madness

Many visitors to cemeteries these days attend events – which is really really Super!!!!!

However, I have noticed that a few people have taken umbridge to this practice.  So I’ll just say this to those who hate it.

Many places do not have the funding to keep up the appearance which is considered the tradition of the place.  So events, fundraisers, volunteer groups and more are needed to help fill the void in the budget.

Until next week – Tombstone Biographer


Due to the added responsibilities of an online museum I regretfully must bring this blog to a a better fit.

Writing these posts has been awesome just tiring when one is tired.  So, I am moving this blog into an abbreviated format.  Meaning – three postings a week with occasional surprise posts.  🙂

Everyone wins with this arrangement.  I can get more work on the online museum done and you get all the posts that are fit for me to post.  🙂

  • Mondays – Best Practices or Monday Madness
  • Only one of the following each week – Tombstone Chronicles, Wednesday Side Trips or Thursday Cemeteries
  • Friday News
  • With occasional, holiday notes and even a few extra stories for Halloween.  🙂

It has been great fun writing everyday though.  Thank you fans for reading faithfully.  I just want to be able to uphold my end of the museum.

Okay this weekend a new gallery was posted at  – Enjoy!