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Thanks for the chance to do some amazingly weird work.  Now the work will continue – just a bit slower and easier to manage level.

The blog will return to full schedule on Monday.  However, for this posting I am including news about why the break was needed.

I put up a Virtual Museum dedicated to Victorian Era Ephemera.  Includes calling cards, sample of such cards, scrapbooks and more.

The Virtual Museum of Victorian Era Ephemera


The work was hard to do due to the amount of scanning required.  So I planned for a chunk of it to be done then add as time progressed.

The usage of these cards is for both genealogy and even the printing field as they represent a very unique picture into both worlds.

Sorry for the short posting – will have more on Monday with a Best Practice.  🙂


The one post a week I can put anything I want – within reason of course!


Industry News:

Note: Had to wait for the Livingston news to bring up this post.