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Okay this best practice is for those attending a funeral – recently this topic came up during a genealogy conversation.

What to bring?

  • Yourself and family members over 10
  • Flowers according to the cemetery rules – available through a nearby florist that services that cemetery.
  • Your concerns for the family to help them get through the time.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t bring games for a kid to play during the service.
  • Don’t read a book during any portion of the event.
  • Don’t forget facial tissues and then borrow from someone else.
  • Don’t forget to pickup a program, card or sign a visitors book for the funeral.

The Do’s

  • Keep kids under 10 home and this is depending upon the relationship of the kid to the deceased.
  • Bring a box of facial tissue for your immediate family to use so they don’t have to ask other people for some.

Photographers – No taking pictures during the funeral without the express permission of the deceased immediate family.

Also, visitation or open casket photos should also be taken only with permission of the deceased immediate family.  Sorry, you should ask before you take a picture.

Last thing – do not encourage people to drop dirt on the coffin unless the family starts it off.  Its up to them and the cemetery to decide upon.

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Everyone is probably going – What is keeping me from posting a new blog message.

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Note – if you have decorations out for Christmas – you should collect them from your families plots now.  Come March 1st, many cemeteries may have already pitched them.

St. Valentines day is approaching – the placing of flowers or cupid arrangements and that is appropriate.  Keep in mind the rules & regulations of the cemetery on these displays.  Some places do not allow certain types of displays or flowers.


February is the month to write down epitaphs for ones family.  During your pre-planning – write your own witty lines or just leave it blank for another family member to do the honors.

If you have family buried in a nearby cemetery – visit and write down any witty ones you wish to keep to heart.