Cemetery Mascots & Pets – Remembering Ella

Posted: September 4, 2013 in About the Blogger
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This weekend I came across something that really made me wonder just how can someone be so cruel.

Ella, was an orphan fawn left within an area either in or near Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City Missouri in 2011.  They allowed Ella to live within the cemetery grounds and allowed her to remain a wild animal yet did not stop her familiarizing herself to humans.

On August 4th, 2013 sometime in the evening or early morning the 5th.  A man climbed a fence and shot Ella.  She was found dead near the cemetery chapel her favorite place to be near.

Ella was harmless to everyone that visited the cemetery.

I am asking all cemetery maintainers to reflect on the beauty of nature within your area & devise a plan to protect it.  The person who did this had to go around barbed wire to do this crime.

On September 14, 2013 a memorial service will be held for Ella and her cremains will be buried at some point in the cemetery.  A statue is being planned for a proposed memorial to her.

She was a beautiful spirit that was a fixture in Elmwood Cemetery.  Attending weddings, funerals and parties as they happened in her area.

If anyone wishes to sign a petition to get the person responsible given more than a hunting deer out of season ticket.

Though other news stories came later here is the original story as told on the Kansas City Star website on Aug 5, 2013.

 Thank you Ella for what you did in your short time on Earth.  Though, you have crossed the rainbow bridge your memory will never be forgotten by those you have touched.

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