Tombstone Chronicles – Doggy Tombstones

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Tombstone Chronicles

So you think pets are ignored by the cemetery business.  Think again – its a major business.

The three dog tombstone photos in the Doggy Gallery are photos of graves found on the Campus of Marian University – when taken back in 1980’s, they were in a field.  The University was then a College and not yet starting down the road to full university status.

As an employee, I really took alot of photos of the campus.  The campus has grown since then in size and in buildings.  I am not interested in locating the stones.  Just want to share these awesome stones with all of you.

Mr. Frank H. Wheeler, Jr. had a mansion which is now apart of the campus life of Marian University in Indianapolis.  This mansion has a colonade and a beautiful feel to it.  The colonade was built originally to enable him or a servant to walk his beloved dogs.

When they crossed the rainbow bridge, he had them buried on the grounds of the mansion and included a tombstone for each of them.

dog tombstones

Dog stones Grouping


The photo is just one of three.  The other two are on the Virtual Museum of Victorian Era Ephemera Galleries.

These dogs lived during the American years of the Victorian Era.


  1. […] Not quite our usual fair at that.  The new gallery is about dog tombstones that are at a university campus.  The history & information about these can be found on the Tombstone Biographer special blog post. […]

    • afterchills says:

      I am currently attempting to get more data about these stones. As to t he new gallery – this is a temporary one as a placeholder for the next addition.

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