Of Victory Medals & Honorable Discharges

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Cemeteries -USA, For Cemetery Officials, For Genealogists

Recently, it came to my attention about the many men & women who served during World War II that received the Victory Medal.   My Dad being one of them, was issued a replacement recently.

His life was not defined by the medals earned for service to his country – it was defined by his love of life.

June the month to remember our fallen soldiers by visiting a military cemetery.  Why June?  Its more than Memorial Day and not all military cemeteries could be visited on that day by everyone.

Also, its the time to also remember the lives that were given in the defense of a country.  They too can not be defined by the medals they earned – they can by someone be defined by knowing how much they loved life.

Until Next time.





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