Best Practices: More Camera Issues

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Best Practices

Yes its time to add to the previous Camera Best Practices

Best times for photographing a tombstone with a digital camera.

  • Anytime between 10 am and 3:30 pm  Anywhere – except during a thunderstorm or blizzard.
  • Keep in mind digital cameras may require tipping up or down to get the best shot of the tombstone itself.
  • Point & Shoot Digital cameras are great – just keep in mind you should read the cameras instructions on getting the best quality settings setup.
  • SLR & DSLR cameras recommending using zoom lenses for tombstone photography – why?  The best angle for an old tombstone shot is from a distance – due to the angle many of them are placed.

Remember to get permission to take photos and to also keep people out of the shot.

More soon.


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