Halloween Fun

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Blog News

Did you miss The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?  See Hulu for this fun show until Tuesday that is.

Still looking for Halloween costume tips on the nite before.  Its still not too late!

  • Wear makeup not a mask (Safety rules in many communities say this)
  • Consider what you have on hand instead of buying things at the last minute.
    • Do you have dance costume?  Or a dance practice outfit?  That could be easily a costume – add cats ears & tail and you’re a Cat.
    • Do you have a Santa Suit?  Consider going as an elf if you left the beard & hat off.
    • Do not worry about proper shoes for an age period based outfit – especially if you’re last minute costuming.  What you wear above your knees is what everyone looks at.
  • Note the following type of costumes are so not in that its not even in some of the costume catalogs.
    • Babies
    • Vikings
    • Cavemen
  • However the following are in them alot
    • Rock & Roll artists
    • 1950-60’s Sock Hop
    • Disco
    • Medieval
    • Gothic
    • Victorian
    • Steampunk
    • Werewolf
    • Vampire

So you see there are lots of potentials to think of – let your imagination soar.

Happy Halloween!



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