Tombstone Chronicles – The Rock

Posted: September 21, 2011 in Tombstone Chronicles

This is a story based on known facts surrounding a rock that was seen in a park in Indianapolis Indiana on the Eastside.  The parks rocks have been moved around again and not sure where it landed – again!

The rock had seen better days - for as it stood more than 200 years or more.
It had seen alot of history in the making.

Indians in the area used this rock to help mark places on the campsite.
Then later, it was the scene of a murder or two and finally the awful likes of H.H. Holmes of the Chicago Death Castle fame.
When the park was created in the 1940's or early 1950's - the rocks were looked over and placed at strategic places to showcase a plaque or sign.

The current sign on it tells about how the Indians lived in the area and of the parks history.

It stands about 4 feet tall and is made of either bedrock or slate with jagged edges - though its climbable.
Why mention this rock?  The original campsite of the last Indian fight was centered around it and therefore apart of a scene from a battle.

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