Best Practice – Flower Selection

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Best Practices, Monday Madness

Picking flowers for a cemetery visit is serious business when you know limitations on what you are allowed to place at a gravesite.

  1. Check with your place of worship and ask about donating flowers or money towards flowers in that persons honor.  (Not many places would turn down a donation towards flowers)
  2. Look up on the cemetery website, call or ask the nearest florist if they have the information.  Some florists are also noted on cemetery websites – use them if they are listed.  They can help steer you straight about what is allowed.
  3. Next off – flowers – each flower has a meaning in many places so if you put a daffodil on a babies grave it could mean something different than intended.   Flower Guide from out of Australia.
  4. If you are looking to silk flowers rather than fresh cut flowers – remember the cemetery rules about arrangements.  Some places do not allow silk flowers vs fresh cut.  Why?  Mowing issues to even potential theft of has been heard.  Fresh cut flowers do not usually mess up a mower.
  5. Remember the final rule of flower placement – New graves anywhere designated, older graves in designated holders or spots and historical ones – place in chapel or in a memorial place they have in the cemetery.

Are you sensitive to or are flower challenged?  The best way around this is to ask the cemetery office if a flower fund is available to be donated too.

Ghost hunters may consider offering a prayer for the departed in the cemetery.  Anytime the week before and maybe a prayer that night after in thanks for allowing you to visit and possibly interact with you.   Groups could also put flowers in the onsite chapel with permission.

Next week – Monday Madness – Resource Crazy


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