Best Practices – Dressing for a Funeral

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Best Practices, Monday Madness

Why a best practice for this?  Well, a few things were seen recently and it really makes me wonder if anyone really understands what it means to be mournful.

  • Women – Dresses, Jackets, Blouses, Slacks (not usually jeans – unless black), skirts, dress shoes.
  • Men – Dress suits, business suits, shirt & tie, trenders who lower the waist-this is not the place for it.
  • Hats for either men or women are according to religious practice or is considered an optional item for a funeral.
  • Gloves and umbrella usage according to your regular everyday needs.
  • Coats according to weather requirements.

Color is usually somber as  it does not have to be black, gray, copper, brown or navy or dark blue will do as well.  You should not have to go out and buy or rent an outfit for a funeral.

Please remember children under 10 get bored easily and plan according to how fussy they get.  Why have a little one at a funeral when they are unable to sit still or at least stay quiet?

Last thing – Do not under any circumstance forget the reason you are at the cemetery.  Some people go to a funeral and instead find themselves walking through the cemetery and finding themselves missing the funeral.

Until next week!


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