Tombstone Chronicles – What is a tombstone doing in a basement?

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Tombstone Chronicles

So an interesting title to this post has been bounced its way out of the imagination box.  Well, not exactly – The following little stories really took place over the last 10 years that I am aware of.   The exact time or place – however, will be kept a secret.

  • A relative used real tombstones in his yard one Halloween night for a party.  Little did he realize they were real until told later.
  • A friend of that relation also had them in his yard for another night – then put them in his basement.  He wondered why the place smelled funny around them.  It was only moss because of his basement.
  • In a California town it was noticed real tombstones were appearing in peoples yards.  These were old stone that were removed for different reasons.  They were removed from each of the yards with the understanding the real owners families wanted them.

These stories show that tombstones are not just appearing in cemeteries.  If you own some of these – make sure you have it writing that you can have them.  As in some places the plots owners are the contact on the cemetery environs maintenance.

This is one sleepy bunny wabbit nodding off a little bit.  lol

Next week: Stone choices


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