Monday Best Practice – Cemetery Ghost Hunting

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Best Practices, Monday Madness

A few days ago I saw a couple of people in a cemetery after hours and they were just walking around.  This was after the gate was padlocked even.  It occurred to me that a best practice article is in order here.

Remember the following is a short practice sheet for newcomers or those who want general hints.  Please consult with paranormal groups in your area for more detailed & more informative training, etc.

Ways to Stay Out of Jail When Ghost Hunting Anywhere:

  • Stay out of private property – this includes a locked up cemetery.
  • Get permission from the owner of a place or cemetery officials and get it in writing.
  • Carry a copy of the permission letter with the group at all times.  You never know when a guard or a police officer may not have the information.
  • Follow all laws in the area the place is in – including parking rules.
  • Remember to be in a cemetery after hours without permission IS against the law

Personal Preparation:

  • Actually learn to use the equipment.
  • Know how to read the instruments and not just follow another persons lead.
  • Emergency card to be carried with you with information regarding someone to contact with phone number.
  • Your Emergency contact should also have your location and address during the hunt.. You never know if someone needs to locate you.
  • Get extra sleep the night before – even night owls need full nights sleep for possible all-nighters.
  • Dress business casual for the hunt.  The people at the place will respect you more.  If the group has a line of shirts – wear one of them.
  • Business Casual can include jeans,however it does not include – flip flops, high heels, and other accident creating shoe options.

Group Preparation

  • Have someone on hand that can do first aid (actual first aid – not just carry a first aid kit)
  • Have a team member be communications person and keeps an active cell phone on.
  • Find out from the owners or client if any rules apply to your visitation – like the group can hunt everywhere but the 3rd floor where we live.

Once at the place:

  • Keep your hunt simple and do not try to analysis anything deeply until a good break point or at the end of the visit.
  • Keep things professional – do not state anything that you can’t backup with actual evidence.  Anything felt or experienced by the teams individuals can be stated – just present it as experiences.
  • A bad psychic or sensitive going through saying stuff and then its not accurate does not interest anyone.
  • Last thing – clean up your own messes – including wrappers from food, beverages, plastic bags, etc. take them home or to a proper trash place outside of the visited site.

Also, one last thing – after the hunt be sure to send a letter of thanks to the people who gave you the permission.  That is alongside a personal visit back if they wanted to talk to you afterwards.

Next Week Monday – Best Practices – Mud Bogged Pictures

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