Best Practices – July 4th Flags

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Best Practices
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In honor of the USA holiday I am writing this best practice to enable us all to remember the usage of flags.

Cemeteries may have a Boy Scout troop or a Veterans group come in and place flags at veterans tombstones.  However, that does not mean that you can’t place one too.  🙂

  1. Make sure any flag you place is no more than 8 inches tall.  The taller ones will stand out and will become an eyesore if they fall over.
  2. Do not place an extra flag when two or more flags are on the grave.  Can we say it – tacky!
  3. Make sure your flag is not made of cloth if left overnight.
  4. Absolutely do not drape a large flag over a tombstone.
    1. ts disrespectful to the flag itself.  (Reason: May touch the ground and that goes against flag etiquette)
    2. If a military issued flag from a funeral
      1. That flag is better to be in a flag case with the persons name on it
      2. Flown on a flagpole in that persons  honor either at home or a place with permission.

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