Monday Madness – May 2, 2011

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Monday Madness, Records Review, Resource News!

Records Review Department:   What does your area archives contain?

In many places around the world – under utilized documents sit waiting for people like us to visit and learn from them.  These include: local histories, census records, biographies and more.

In researching it is best to utilize everything that is local to your research area.  If you had a relative that was a mayor in a particular town.  You would not look for data about them in lets say another country first.

Chronicles:  What this will be in the future

Where stories about famous people and where they are buried will be shared.

Link of the Week:

Specially found link for a resource, cemetery or other informative information.

Noting events and such at different cemeteries around the country.

Last but not least :  Thank you for everyone being understanding about this past week or two.  I am better now – just need to catch up on the blog stuff now.  🙂

Next post is Friday with Friday News!   Will fill in the gap on the news for the weeks missed so far with this one.


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