Tuesday Chronicles and What kind of flowers

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Tombstone Chronicles

I am currently waiting for a little more warmer weather for tombstone shots to be taken.  So please bear with me.

After looking at a few cemetery sites that have gardens noted.  I began to wonder what is the most noted flowers in a cemetery.

So far I have seen – Pansies, Roses, Violets and even daffodils coming up this year.    Trees that are leafing are oaks, maples and a few apple trees.  That is a strange combination in one cemetery I’ve seen.  The apple trees do not bare fruit anymore and is almost 60 years old or so the legend goes.

Check out the trees and flowers in your area and see what is possible in your local cemetery.  Its always great to see a place have pretty grounds around it.

Until next week



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