Monday Madness – Honor vs Dishonor

Posted: March 28, 2011 in About the Blogger, Monday Madness

I have to say that in many cases my Monday Madness posts have been interesting, educational or worse highly boring.

So, here’s another one.

Have you noticed my Friday News have been including alot of vandalism lately?

Vandalism is a good way to say dishonoring our ancestors.

When visiting a cemetery remind kids & those going to be at the cemetery with you are going to honor our forefathers.  Why remind people?  I have seen people do disgraceful things at cemeteries and most I will not state here.  After all this is a family oriented blog.

Please follow the traditions of the cemetery you are visiting in regarding flowers, decorations or even pictures.

However, if I ever get my hands on one of those vandals that do major damage here is the speech I will give them:

Knocking down tombstones is a cowardly act of defiance against both the dead and your ancentors.  If you do not agree with something – find a positive way of getting things changed or updated.

Did you have to spill that beer on an 1860 tombstone?  Sheesh your cheap beer can do alot of damage to the engraving & the stone itself.  What were you thinking of?

Have nothing better to do with your time?  Go watch a movie, defy your friends and take up a volunteer job at the art museum or even at the cemetery itself.  How cool is it to give a walking tour about famous people or paintings?

Take up a hobby – like web design or even model airplanes.  Anything that you can do without destroying a place of solitude.

Or maybe a few months of community service with the total cost of repairs going to you?  How does that sound?


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