Hartsdale Cemetery and Crematorium

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Cemeteries -USA

This pet cemetery is located in Hartsdale New York and is thought to be the oldest pet cemetery in the United States.

Website makes you just want to view the slide show or the videos on it.  The information gleaned from them really makes me want to bury my cat at this cemetery.  Or better yet, see if I can be buried next to my cat in it.  This place appears to have a few highly selected humans amongst the pets.

Hmm, yes our beloved pets own us – that is true of all pets living in our homes.

This pet cemetery was started by veterinarian Dr Samuel Johnson in New York in his Hartsdale New York orchard.  Long and awesome story on how it all began.  RIP Dr Johnson!

The cemetery has the famous & the not so famous – just awesomely loved.

So take a look at the pictures, videos and read the stories on these pages for they speak volumes about the care and love these people have for animals.

Until next week!




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