Monday Madness – Reading Maps Part B

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Monday Madness

Reading maps can be fun & yet challenging.  Last time, resources on how to read them.  This week – a look at specific ones.

Road maps tips:

  • Using the longitude & the latitudinal lines as much as possible. On most road maps they would use an alphabetical & a number guide to focus in on a point on the map.  A-3  would be A Column on the top at the 3rd section down.
  • Use the index in the books or maps, they are your tool for a faster navigation to your destination.
  • Do not only rely on GPS units – also know a little bit of an areas history before heading out.
  • When in doubt of something – remember the legend is a good place to start.

Platt Maps

  • Look for street names first
  • Write down the district or area name or number for referencing back to it.

Cemetery Maps

  • Look for cemetery section – sometimes a pretty name or a number is given.
  • Check the signs int he area for specific areas within a section.  Sometimes a long lost relative maybe lurking.
  • The map will give you at least the street area, section & where approximately in the area a specific plot is.

Next week: Map Reading Tips – Glossaries


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