Record Review – Death Certificates

Posted: January 29, 2011 in For Genealogists, Records Review

When someone you know and/or love dies a death certificate is needed to conclude many obstacles.

Legal standings in many places a death certificate is required to

  1. Send a will to probate court
  2. Settle debts & other financial responsibilities
  3. Pay final taxes
  4. Protect loved ones from unnecessary fees & taxes.

For a genealogist:

This document is our best friend when we are looking for information about our families history or at least verify the data.  Remember to include an official copy of it in the files along with any photocopies or scans.  The official ones are needed for legal purposes.  Otherwise, the rest can be use for examination & inclusion into the family history.

Depending upon where you are – the information on the certificate can include: name, address of residence & where the death took place, parents names & vital information, spouses name & how long they were married.  The certificate can give the cause of death as well as cemetery, mortuary information & even burial date besides the coroners name.



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