Monday Tip: What does an order of exhumation really mean.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Monday Madness

Just what do those little documents mean to which party?

While not an attorney and not able to justify all the different reasons for having an order written, requested and granted – the following is true in most cases.

To the Cemetery:  Its an official document of request for an interred person to be examined or moved to another location.

To the Family or Next of Kin: Its the official document that will get the needed process done.

In the Case of a Law Enforcement Process:  Hopefully the official document that will give the needed information to help others.

To the deceased (and they are important too!):  It means the official document to have something done to them such as examination, movement to another burial location or ?

Every country has laws about how burials are legislated, documented, handled in court, exhumed and even how the process is done.  Some do in private or some just near opening or closing times of the day.  Depends upon the reason too.

One note – this post was supposed to have real meat information in it – lets just say this subject will be revisited in the near future.





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