Records Review – Making PDF Files

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Best Practices, For Genealogists, Records Review

Making pdf files or Portable Document Files is an important file format to consider for needed documents.  This format can be achieved using Adobe Acrobat & a fair few other software options.

  • This is a format that will allow your documents to appear as you see them on the screen directly.  The software will only make them compact & more easily sent via email or on the web.
  • Many scanners will allow you the option to scan into Adobe Acrobat (the full version not the reader) and enables you to set the preferences to the pdf file.
  • Did you know that you can prevent people from printing your pdf file?  Even password protect the file?   Create a file that is web fast? (compressed for better web viewing)
  • Using individual scanned documents is a good idea – however – they are not totally portable.  These files are huge whereas using a pdf format file of the documents will ensure they are together & enable the person to have one file only to view.

How do pdfs help in record review?   Its a way to present your recorded findings and encourage a better filing system instead of individual .tiff files or bmp files.

Keep in mind – one tiff file can be as large as one photo without compression in psd format.  Which means upward to almost 2mgs or more.  A pdf file can make it smaller through compression.


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