Star of David Chapel & Funeral Home-Jewish Cemeteries of Long Island, New York

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Cemeteries -USA, For Cemetery Officials, For Genealogists

Star of David Chapel/Funeral Home Website

Cemeteries Webpage

This website has alot of information on it.  Both for those planning all the way to having a funeral.  However, this site is important to genealogists too.

Lots of cemeteries represented The this Jewish Cemeteries of Long Island NY and lists 20 cemeteries in Long Island.  As well as information from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Long Island.

This funeral home group offers funeral webcam options so people unable to attend in person may do so online.

My hats off to this business for bringing the information about the cemeteries to the web.

While not officially a cemetery – they have connections with these and most of the cemeteries in the area – Jewish or not.  🙂

Next Week: Another Cemetery


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