Tuesday Tombstone – The Pets Turn

Posted: January 4, 2011 in For Genealogists, Tombstone Chronicles, Tuesday Tombstone
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Two weeks ago I had a picture of a grouping of tombstones that were quite odd.  They were pets of a man that loved them very much.

As a tombstone seeker, I have seen odd shaped stones, broken ones, forgotten and even a few sold to private individuals (source unknown)

So in saying this – the ones not in the picture are unusual and hard to put here.  The others had first names – these others are a bit creepy as they have an actual last name.  Pete Wheeler and Duchess Wheeler.

Both looked incredibly good at the time in 1996.  However, since then I am to understand the stones have grown legs and departed from the area they were in.

Family Pets Challenge for everyone reading this.

Please mark where you bury any departed pet friend.  Put a little marker or a special statue where they were buried.  If possible put a little fence up around it.

Why?  So your pet friends will be remembered by you, kids and the next owners of the house.  🙂

Until Next week: Tuesday Chronicles returns with a mystery of the missing corpse.


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