Monday Madness – Tips on Documenting a Tombstone Epitaph

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Best Practices, For Genealogists, Monday Madness
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While nestled in my winter hutch, I am kind of thinking of the epitaphs on tombstones.  There are a number of sites on the web that have them.  Many of them show the images and tell you where they are located so you can visit them.

However, do you know how best to document the epitaph?

  • Take a photo of the tombstone helps define the epitaph as being real in ones mind.
  • Write down the name of the cemetery and the correspondence address for the cemetery.  At times, these two things do not match with the physical address of the cemetery.
  • Write down the physical address of the cemetery, section and plot number of the graves being documented.
  • Note down the physical shape of the tombstone – round top – shaft like or granite pedestal.   Some people note like – ornate see picture for details.
  • Line by line of the text found on the tombstone should be noted.   For example: Mary Z Doe, 1843-1950, Found a Doe and Married Him
  • Traditionally the epitaph is the line – Found a Doe and Married Him.
  • And always remember – not every tombstone will have a witty epitaph.

Hope this helps someone out

Next week:  Monday Madness – Confusion of Dates




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