Tips on Cemetery Statuary Photography

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Best Practices, For Genealogists
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Best Practices – A short definition – Are helpful tips & guidelines to remember when approaching the best practices subject.

This week it is about statuary photography which is a kin to tombstone photography just a bit more different.

Tombstones are one thing – statues are different in the following ways:

  • Black & White photography – is usually not a good thing to use during winter.  You lose light around the statue and it may cause extra shadows.  Do you really want a scary photo?   Black & white can be used anytime snow is not present.  Its often seen as a bonus by some people.
  • Color photography is best for winter weather shots.
  • When taking a photo up close – always put the face in the frame – why?  The focal point of a statue is usually in the face.
  • When taking a photo at a distance – make sure you do not forget using a zoom lens.  Depending upon the distance – a little zooming in will make the shot pop out at you & those who see it.
  • Take these photos as though you are taking photos of children – only stationary ones.
  • On the subject of winged statues – Take photos from all angles – these can give dimensions and unique perspectives on them.

Just a few tips here.    Next week – Tips on Documenting a Tombstone Epitaph


  1. GonzalezTees says:

    I like browsing your site for the reason that you can always bring us new and cool things, I think that I must at least say thanks for your hard work.

    – Henry

  2. jim says:

    i like it

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