Tombstone Tuesday – Pet Stones

Posted: December 21, 2010 in Tombstone Chronicles
Pet Tombstones

Chancellor & Asra

These two pet stones – though words on them are washed out after 15 tries they do not appear on the screen – yet on the photo itself.

  • Chancellor    Sept 27 1927 – Feb 3 1933
  • Asra     Aug 1928 – Aug 1933

These are only 2 of the 5 stones that appear in this wayward pet cemetery.  The original location is now only known to a few people who may not know these are out of place.  Now a days these stones are missing – location is still not known.   The site where the picture was taken is now empty of all the stones.

Backstory: These two dogs were owned by a businessman in Indianapolis Indiana.  They were treated like royalty and pampered like all dogs deserve to be.  More information about these pets to come as the weather has halted my photo taking time to about 20 minutes here and there.   Still have 2 more images to come. 

Original images taken between 1994-1996 in Indianapolis Indiana.


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