Best Practices-How not to tease a security guard

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Best Practices, For Genealogists

I add this post with great reluctance – though I feel its important to make sure everyone understands the reasoning.

Most security guards have the same kind of sense of humor as the rest of us.  However, many of them can hold on to the reality of the job and take it extremely seriously.  That seriousness is important to the safety and security of the place they are taking care of.  However, if you’re going to avoid teasing them – just keep your head, stay sober and don’t try to crack stupid jokes.

Cemeteries are not the place to bring weapons (outside of a law enforcement officer), knives, cell phones with offensive ring-tones, the largest funerary wreath in the world (unless you’re a government official), ghost hunt without permission and of course – visit the spooky place after the gates are closed.

If you can live by this – the guards are your friends.  🙂

Last thoughts on the etiquette posts – this concludes the cemetery etiquette best practices.

Professional genealogists should always remain calm and not place themselves in dangerous situations. 

Next Monday – Tips: Best Practices for taking a cemetery photo


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