Record Review – Magazines and Journals Quirks

Posted: December 11, 2010 in For Genealogists, Records Review
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Having worked in a library for along time, a few quirks within the journals or magazines have been seen.

The Quirks that can hamper research:

  • Supplements are not always indexed anywhere. You may have to check several databases or even with the publishers website for where they are indexed in.  Or even if they consider the supplement to be a separate publication from the main one.
  • Indexes available: Before the 1940’s specialized subject journals or magazines had an index for each volume for each year or section.  Some still produce such an index and some libraries are still binding them with them.  During World War II, many places were under orders not to publish extras like supplements, indexes or even asked to combine issues.  This was to conserve on the printing expenses and on the paper as in many places – that was a scarce commodity.

Next week – Lesson on name searching


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