Tombstone Chronicles – Too many Muellers in the Scene

Posted: December 7, 2010 in For Genealogists, Tombstone Chronicles
  • The Scene: Fictional Cemetery of Doubt, Anywhere USA
  • The Victims: A family called Mueller or now called Millers.
  • Reason: Each member of the family has a tale of interest and even some intrigue.
  • The Problem: Cluster tombstone plot areas

Why are these problems?  Not reallly a problem for the Millers.  This blog post was inspired by a page on the Association for Gravestone Studies

How can six be too many in a scene? Try looking at the bottom of a tombstone for a name in a corner on 3 of the 4 sides.  The scene looks peacefully crowded.  Add mud, leaves and a few decades of added soil – it can be  a mess.

As genealogists and as cemetery visitors we do not have to live with mud on the stones like this.  Check with the cemetery office about tombstone care opportunities for you or a cemetery staff member to assist with.

Also, cluster tombstones are something to look for at the same time.  They often have the ability to give you the family dynamics going on.  Who was married to whom, What kids died young and even the relational pattern in a family.

Next week: American Civil War Era Tombstones


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