Record Review – Newspaper Citations

Posted: December 4, 2010 in For Genealogists, Records Review

Alot of people look for obituaries in all the wrong places   And then come along entries for a few in a newspaper index by chance and they have cryptic information.

Newspaper Name, year, date, v.1 (822), sec1,p4,cl2     you have this data and you go  – what now?

They are arranged usually in this arrangement:

  • Year
  • Volume
  • Issue number
  • Section
  • Page
  • Column

Some (fictional) examples using commonly seen differences:

  • Genealogy Examiner Bi-Weekly, 1915,v.30, (22), Sec 2, P1, C4
  • Genealogy Examiner News, 1918, 33, (3), Sec 2, Page 4, Column 2
  • Genealogy Examiner Weekly, 1920 v.35, Issue 2, Section 4, Page 23, Column 1

Print newspapers like journals and magazines have publishers that keep people hopping by changing publications names, volumes and at times even how they publish – from a daily to a weekly and then back again.


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