Tombstone Chronicles The First

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Resource News!, Tombstone Chronicles

Tombstone Chronicles will go into the details on how to find more information after viewing a tombstone.

This short first one is to get the word out of how this will be accomplished.  Tuesdays on a GYRabbit blog is usually called Tombstone Tuesday.  Well, I am going to combine it with how we can determine if the person we’re seeking is the one we found.

Just because you found a listing with the same names & dates in a cemetery does not mean it is the right one.  Take my Dads example for instance – at one point the Nationwide Gravesite Locator had him in 2 different cemeteries.  Not likely, confirmation with papers on file stated he was buried in the first result not the second in the list.  This database was later updated and the confused messages were corrected.

Next week Tuesday the Tombstone Chronicles will feature: How many Muellers does it take to make a scene?


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