For the Genealogists – Records Review

Posted: November 27, 2010 in For Genealogists

For this first record review, I thought I would try to explain a few things about the general role cemetery records aid in ones genealogical explorations.

  • Basic cemetery records detail where in a cemetery someone was buried.
  • Extended records may show funeral home or undertaker used in body preparation & funeral planning.
  • If after the date of death certificates being given out in your location, they may even have a copy of the certificate.

Every place in the world has a different take on these basic record thoughts.  And in every since the records are maintained differently.

Cemetery records for a genealogist closes the gap for location, dates and redundancy needed information.  They also provide the worst kind of information imaginable – hearsay.  Without it, our loved ones are truly forgotten, though we do remember them in our hearts.

Remember that cemeteries are not obligated to share the information about those buried within the boundaries of the cemetery they maintain.   And you never know if someone has family members still alive watching over the graves.



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