For Cemetery Officials

Posted: November 24, 2010 in For Cemetery Officials

This includes anyone maintaining records, rolls, grounds, office managing and so on that get questions all the time from genealogists.

To some its a horrible thing to mix cemetery records with genealogists – talk about a feeding frenzy!   Ouch, I resemble that faction actually.  This blog was started to share information with others about how a cemetery can help with genealogy projects.

As you know we all think cemetery records are kind of strange little demons.  As each cemetery has its own way of noting things. Sometimes small obits were included and even what the person was buried in was noted in some records.

As I venture on the web, I’ll be noting cemeteries & information found on ones website.  Not yet on the web or in findagrave? – please send email to: a message about your resources on hand and how to best for genealogists to contact you.  This is for a blog posting.

This is not a commercial blog – though cemetery events can be posted as long it is for genealogically based.


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